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Including GM Tech in Academic Curriculum Can Benefit Future Biotech Scientists

December 21, 2022

As future scientific experts and scholars on the subject of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), students of life sciences became the subject of a study that was meant to assess the correctness of their knowledge of GMOs and GM foods. The results of the study further emphasized the need for robust science education to understand both topics better.

A total of 203 undergraduates, post-graduates, and post-graduate diploma students in India taking up Biotechnology, Food Technology, and Nutrition participated in an observational survey-based study to determine their level of knowledge and their attitudes concerning GM foods through a structured questionnaire. The survey recorded that almost 90% of the students read about GMOs in their curriculum, and almost 80% of them defined GM foods correctly. More than half of them also had a positive attitude towards GMOs and GM foods.

The study documented how attitude scores were directly proportional to knowledge scores. Thus, it was concluded that incorporating a GM-related curriculum for nutrition discipline can help life sciences students better understand the pressing issues and concerns about transgenic technology, food safety, and nutrition.

Learn more about this in Cureus.

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