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APEC Workshop Aims to Bridge Gaps with Scicom

December 1, 2021

A scientific communication training program for early- to mid-career researchers in STEM that aims to bridge gaps as well as guide training fellows in conducting successful science communication outreach programs organized by APEC-SLP Science Communication Team is scheduled for December 2021 to January 2022.

Early- and mid-career researchers in STEM often encounter challenges to effectively, clearly, and concisely communicating science to both their fellow scientists and to the general public. Typically, scientists share their research results through discipline-specific scientific articles and conferences that are aimed at technical audiences. However, the effectiveness and reach of these specific and specialized forms of dissemination are often hindered by siloed working and expertise, as well as non-transferable discipline-specific language and uses of jargon. Ineffective science communication by researchers to other scientists can result in unsuccessful grant applications and hindered networking among multidisciplinary partners and collaborators, with implications for career progression and recognition at a wider level.

In recent years, the dissemination of research via traditional media, including newspapers and television, but also more prominently new media including online social media platforms have gained traction in no small part thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the effective, accurate, timely, and comprehensible communication of these findings to the public remains a crucial challenge. In communicating science to the public, it is essential to present complex scientific findings in context, while addressing common questions and worries from the public in a clear, effective manner focused on reinforcing public trust and confidence in the scientific community. At present, many early- and mid-career researchers in STEM lack the skills to conduct effective and engaged direct outreach to the general public as well as collaborate with the media as part of information dissemination.

For more information, download the information sheet. The application is available here.

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