Biotech Updates

Sustainable and Pro-GMO Chocolates Now Available to the Public

May 15, 2019

After its successful debut in February, the sustainable and unabashedly pro-GMO Ethos Chocolate is again available to the public. 

Produced by A Fresh Look, a US-based family farmer-led nonprofit organization working to educate people about GMOs, Ethos Chocolate bars are created by artisanal chocolatiers at SPAGnVOLA and their family-run cacao farm in the Dominican Republic. However, unlike most chocolate lines in the market today, Ethos Chocolate tells a story -- that of the benefits and products of biotechnology

The four varieties, aptly named The Optimist, The Survivor, The Hero, and The Trendsetter, are made of sustainably grown cacao and fruits which symbolize a GMO success story: papaya, apples, and oranges. These ingredients also accentuate the potentials of GM crops in solving food challenges across the globe. 

The Ethos Chocolate can be availed by making a donation to A Fresh Look. Proceeds from the donations will benefit the family farmers and agricultural communities behind the production of the handcrafted chocolate bars. 

For more information, read the news article in A Fresh Look.