Biotech Updates

OpenMTA to Support Global Innovation in Biotechnology

October 17, 2018

OpenMTA, a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) providing legal frameworks to research organizations in defining terms and conditions for sharing their materials has been made available through an international collaboration.

The new easy to use tool is designed to support openness, sharing, and innovation in global biotechnology. Developed by the San Francisco-based BioBricks Foundation and the UK-based OpenPlant Synthetic Biology Research Centre, OpenMTA allows redistribution and commercial use of materials, while respecting the rights of creators and promoting safe practices.

OpenMTA is designed based on access, attribution, reuse, redistribution, and non-discrimination. These design goals include safety and sharing in an international context. Dr. Linda Kahl, Senior Counsel of Biobricks Foundation, said, "We encourage organizations worldwide to sign the OpenMTA Master Agreement and start using it." Dr. Kahl added that their goal is for the OpenMTA to be the default option for the transfer of research materials in five years' time.

For more details, read this news release. To sign the OpenMTA Master Agreement, visit the BioBricks Foundation website.