Biotech Updates

Arctic® Fuji Apple Gets Canadian Approval

January 31, 2018

Arctic® Fuji, Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc.'s (OSF) third nonbrowning Arctic® apple variety has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada (HC).

The CFIA and HC have announced that the Arctic® Fuji variety "did not pose a greater risk to human health than apples currently available on the Canadian market. Health Canada also concluded that the Arctic® Fuji apple would have no impact on allergies, and that there are no differences in the nutritional value of the Arctic® Fuji apple compared to other traditional apple varieties available for consumption". Arctic® Fuji trees will be added to the growing commercial orchards of Arctic® Golden and Arctic® Granny apples in spring 2018.

For more details, read the OSF media release. To read Health Canada's approval of the Arctic® Fuji, visit the HC website.