Biotech Updates

Importance of IP and Its Application to Biotech Emphasized

January 31, 2018

Last January 25, 2018, Atty. Rowanie A. Nakan, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) lawyer and Partner, Cruz Marcelo and Tenefrancia, in the Philippines recently lectured on IPR and its applications to biotechnology at the Drilon Hall, SEARCA Headquarters. The guidelines in the examination of biotechnology and its application in the Philippine IP law have just recently been updated, expanding its coverage, which include biotechnological inventions, biological material, microorganisms, and microbiological processes.

Nakan emphasized that scientists should understand that IP is distinct from the property to which it is attached, and that it is a product of the intellect that has commercial value. She stated that sometimes, scientists underestimate the value of their inventions, and forget to apply for or see no value in IP.

Explains Nakan, "In the Philippine Constitution, specifically Article IV Sections 10 to 13, the role of IP depends on the level of development. The IP system is important since it creates a framework in which countries like the Philippines (being a developing country) can participate in the economic activities of the developed world.

IP can be useful on several levels, namely: as a resource in research and development patent database, and in assessing technology and innovations in the public domain. For innovators, IP harnesses strategy or maximizes assets and recovery investments." The agriculture and development seminar was conducted by SEARCA BIC in partnership with the Philippine Genome Center-Agriculture.

For more information about biotechnology in the Philippines, visit the SEARCA BIC website.