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Scientists Prepare for Biotech Maize and Cotton Field Trials in Kenya

May 24, 2017

Scientists in Kenya are set to start the field trials of biotech maize and cotton varieties soon, said Simon Gichuki of the Kenya Agricultural, Livestock Research Organization's (KALRO) Biotechnology Research Institute (BioRI) during an agricultural biotechnology sensitization workshop held in Nairobi last week. The scientists are waiting for the results of the National Performance Trials (NPT) and then the field trials will follow.

Bt cotton research was conducted in 2002-2012 and was approved for NPT by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS). On the other hand, insect resistant and drought tolerant maize varieties are under NPT conducted by KEPHIS experts. National Biosafety Authority (NBA) officer, Julia Njagi, mentioned that the authority has approved 24 biotech crop varieties for laboratory and greenhouse trials, 14 for confined field trials (CFT) and three for environmental trials.

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