Crop Biotech Update

BARI Scientists Apply for Commercial Release of GE Potato in Bangladesh

January 18, 2017

Bangladesh is set to gain from its second biotech crop after Bt brinjal. Scientists from Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) developed a new variety of potato exhibiting resistance to late blight and they have applied for its commercial release. Late blight is one of the most devastating diseases of potato caused by fungal attack. Each year, farmers in Bangladesh spend up to Tk 100 crore (US$12.8M) in applying 500 tonnes of fungicide to protect potato crops from late blight. At present, Bangladesh is the 7th top producer of potato worldwide.

According to Md Abu Kawochar, a scientific officer at BARI's Tuber Crops Research Center, the final regulatory trials held in six locations in Bangladesh during the previous potato season showed positive results. Thus, the application for commercial release was submitted on December 29, 2016.

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