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OsMADS1 Represses microRNA172 to Regulate the Elongation of Palea and Lemma Development in Rice

December 21, 2016

OsMADS1 specifies thedetermination of spikelet meristem and lemma/palea identity in rice. However,the pathway through which OsMADS1 regulates floral organs remains elusive. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences recently identified the microRNA172 (miR172) family, which could be possible downstream regulators of OsMADS1.

Analysis revealed that overexpression of each miR172 gene resulted in elongated lemma and palea and indeterminacy of the floret. Meanwhile,overexpression of miR172's target APETALA2 (AP2) genes resulted in shortened palea and lemma. Further analysis revealed that expression levels of miR172 were greatly influenced by OsMADS1. Furthermore, overexpressionof AP2 genes rescued the elongation and inconsistent development of the lemma/palea in OsMADS1-RNAi transgenic plants.

These data suggest that OsMADS1 and miR172s/AP2s form a regulatory network involved in regulating the elongation of the lemma and the palea in rice grains.

For more on this study, read the article in Frontiers in Plant Science.