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NtTTG2 Gene Regulates Tobacco Growth and Seed Production via AUXIN RESPONSIVE FACTOR Genes

June 8, 2016

Plant TRANSPARENT TESTA GLABRA (TTG) proteins regulate various developmental activities through the auxin signaling pathway. Researchers from the Nanjing Agricultural University previously clarified how the tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) NtTTG2 gene works with 12 AUXIN RESPONSIVE FACTOR (ARF) genes, specifically NtARF8, NtARF17, and NtARF19. In this study, they aimed to show that NtTTG2 regulates tobacco growth and development by involving the three ARF genes.

Silencing of the NtARF8 gene, either independently or in combination, more strongly repressed tobacco growth compared to silencing either NtARF17 or NtARF19. NtARF8 silencing also effectively eradicated the growth enhancement effect of NtTTG2-overexpression. In contrast, plant growth was not affected by silencing the other nine NtTTG2-regulated NtARF genes.

NtTTG2 and NtARF8-overexpression also played a role in seed production quantity, since silencing both genes caused severe seed abortion. NtARF8 is an integral component of the NtTTG2 functional pathway, which regulates tobacco growth and development.

For more information, read the article in BMC Plant Biology.