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Functional Analysis of ACS-Like Genes from Physcomitrella patens

January 13, 2016

The ethylene biosynthetic pathway has been well characterized in higher plants. Homologs of a key enzyme in this pathway, ACS, have been reported in several algae and mosses, including Physcomitrella patens. However, the function of the ACS homologs in P. patens has not been investigated.

Scientists, led by Lifang Sun of the Nankai University in China, cloned two ACS genes from P. patens, namely PpACS-Like1 and PpACS-Like2, and investigated their function. Analysis of the proteins of both PpACL1 and PpACL2 showed that these genes had no ACS activity. This was verified when transgenic Arabidopsis overexpressing either PpACL1 or PpACL2 did not emit excess levels of ethylene.

These results indicate that PpACL1 and PpACL2 are not true ACS genes as those found in higher plants.

For more information on the study, read the article on Plant Cell Reports.