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Identification of Candidate Self-Incompatibility-Associated Genes of Erigeron breviscapus

October 14, 2015

Erigeron breviscapus, a medicinal herb used in China, is a self-incompatible species of Asteraceae. However, the genetics of its SI responses remain unknown. To better understand SI, Wei Zhang and Xiang Wie of Yunnan Agricultural University and Honghe University, respectively, performed a transcriptomic analysis of E. breviscapus after self- and cross-pollination.

Differentially expressed genes were identified as well as genes that could be associated with SI responses. Several of these genes were up-regulated in self-pollinated plants but down-regulated in cross-pollinated plants, such as SLRK, MLPK, ARC1, CaM, Exo70A1, MAP, SF21, and Nod. However, analysis later revealed that SRLK gene expression was not related to SI.

Researchers identified genes showing differential expression and encoding critical regulators of SI responses in E. breviscapus. The study provided a pool of SI-related genes in E. breviscapus and offers a valuable resource for explaining the mechanisms of SI in Asteraceae.

For more information, feel free to read the article on BMC Plant Biology.