Biotech Updates

E-Farming System Launched for the First Time in Pakistan

April 15, 2015

The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) has launched an e-farming system for the first time in Pakistan. The e-farming system is aimed to train the farmers and assist them in attaining maximum yield and profits by using modern agricultural biotechnology applications.

Dr. Rashid Ahmed, leader of the project, said that through e-farming, yields can be enhanced to 40 maunds per acre (1,493 kilograms per acre). He added that the e-farming department at UAF is providing amenities to farmers across the province. Farmers can get in touch with agriculture specialists, researchers and analysts to receive advice on extracting better crop yield. He also said that annual reports and surveys of the e-farming department show that farmers in Multan, a city of Punjab in Pakistan, who were getting 20 maunds per acre (746 kilograms per acre) of cotton yield on average, are now receiving 40 when they planted biotech cotton.

For more information about biotechnology in Pakistan, visit the Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center website.