Biotech Updates

GM Eucalyptus Approved for Commercial Use in Brazil

April 15, 2015

The Brazilian National Technical Commission on Biosafety (CTNBio) has approved the commercial use of the yield enhanced genetically modified (GM) eucalyptus developed by FuturaGene, a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzano Pulp and Paper. Field experiments conducted since 2006 at various locations in Brazil have demonstrated an approximate 20% increase in yield compared to its equivalent conventional variety.

This is the first GM eucalyptus event to be approved worldwide and represents the most significant productivity milestone for the renewable plantation forest industry since the adoption of clonal technology in the early 1990's. The approval also represents the beginning of a new era for sustainable forest management by enabling the production of more fiber, using less resources. Brazil is the first country to complete the development cycle of such a technology.

FuturaGene CEO Stanley Hirsch said that the yield-enhanced GM eucalyptus has been under development since 2001 and has undergone extensive biosafety assessment prior to submission for commercial approval. For more information, read the news release at the FuturaGene website.