Biotech Updates

Infographic on GM Safety

July 23, 2014

An infographic featuring the conclusions of GM safety is published on the website Agrogene ( It extracts the final conclusions about GM safety made by 9 international organizations and 9 state institutions. These authorities includes World Health Organization (WHO) , European Commission (EC), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO), Society of Toxicology (SOT), U.S. National Academy of Sciences(NAS), American Medical Association (AMA), Royal Society of Medicine, Académie des Sciences and so on. The central theme of all these conclusions is that after science-based evaluation, GM crops and GM foods are as safe as their traditional counterparts.

 The website Agrogene is the portal of the Platform of Science Communication for Agricultural Biotechnology (PSCAB) which is co-established by Chinese Society of Biotechnology(CSBT), Chinese Society of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology, Chinese Society of Agri-biotechnology , Chinese Society of Crop Science and China Society of Plant Protection. See the Chinese infographic at