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Vilsack Reveals Plan for Biofuels

March 12, 2014

U.S Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said during Commodity Classic, the annual meeting of corn, soybean, wheat, and sorghum growers in San Antonio, California, that his discussions with Environmental Protection Agency were not focused on the message that biodiesel and ethanol advocates are already pursuing: abandoning the proposal that would lessen the amount of biofuels mixed into U.S. fuel supply.

Vilsack said that the right way to go is marketing ethanol and biodiesel for export. He said that their team has planned to expand trade promotion on biofuels by including biofuels experts on a trip to potential importing countries such as China. He added that they can also address infrastructure issues to make sure that it is not a barrier to getting more biofuels into the system. He sees making sure biodiesel and ethanol are successful as matters of national security importance, environmental concern, and economic interest.

"Bottom line is: we're going to continue to help this industry as best we can, advocate for it, and trust that EPA at the end of the day makes the right set of decisions."

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