Biotech Updates

Drought Resistant Corn Has 16.8% Yield Advantage

December 12, 2012

Extensive field trials in 2012 of corn hybrids containing Agrisure Artesian technology showed that 16.8% or 10.9 bushels/acre higher yields can be obtained, as compared to the plot average during severe and extreme drought conditions The technology was tested extensively by the developer Syngenta in more than 1,100 on-farm trials across the Corn Belt in highly-productive conditions to extreme drought stress.

In addition, the yield of the new hybrid corn matched or exceeded the yield of comparable hybrids in good growing conditions or moderate drought stress. It thus has the ability to maximize yields for top return in typical years or when it rains, and increase yield when it doesn't. The Agrisure Artesian technology is available for planting in most areas of the Corn Belt for the 2013 season.

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