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Zimbabwe to Start Growing Drought-tolerant Maize Soon

November 7, 2012

Farmers in Zimbabwe will soon be able to plant drought-tolerant maize variety - SIRDAMAIZE 113. The new maize variety has fulfilled all the Zimbabwe Seed Services requirements and the seeds for planting are expected  soon after a launch by Zimbabwe's Vice President, Joice Mujuru earlier in August 2012.

SIRDAMAIZE 113 has been under development since 1997. The new maize variety has been lauded as suitable for marginal rainfall areas of Zimbabwe often referred to as semi-arid zones. Under drought conditions, the variety has a significant yield advantage over other hybrids, thus enhancing its suitability in semi-arid zones within the sub-region. The variety performs better than small grains that are often grown by smallholder farmers in the drought-prone areas.

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