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ISAAA presents an easy-to-use database of biotech/GM crop approvals for public use. It features the biotech/GM crop events that have been approved for commercialization/planting and importation (food and feed). Entries in the database represent the majority of the GM crop events approved worldwide, based on publicly available English (and translatable) decision documents of each approving country, Biosafety Clearing House of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and peer-reviewed scholarly articles. In using the database, please note that the approval of GM crops vary from country to country but all regulations are based on the same objective that each GM crop is safe for human or animal health and the environment. The database also includes discontinued events for recording purposes.

The GM Approval Database is one of the top sources of information on GM crop approvals. See how it has been used cited in reports, articles, and documents in the GMAD Citations Section.

We invite corrections, additions/deletions, and suggestions for the improvement of the database. Contact us at For new entries, you may use this form.

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Latest Updates:

  • (September 14, 2023) The Philippines approved the canola event LBFLFK for food, feed, and processing.
  • (August 24, 2023) The Philippines approved the cotton event GFM cry1A for commercial cultivation.
  • (March 3, 2023) Brazil approved the wheat event HB4 for commercial cultivation.
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