GM Crop Events approved in Nigeria

Total: 29 events approved

Event Name and Code Trade Name
Cotton - Gossypium hirsutum L. :
Name: MON15985
Code: MON-15985-7
Bollgard II™ Cotton
Cowpea - Vigna unguiculata :
Name: AAT709A
Code: AAT-7Ø9AA-4
not available
Maize - Zea mays L. :
Name: 5307
Code: SYN-Ø53Ø7-1
Agrisure® Duracade™
Name: 59122
Code: DAS-59122-7
Herculex™ RW
Name: Bt11 (X4334CBR, X4734CBR)
Code: SYN-BTØ11-1
Agrisure™ CB/LL
Name: DAS40278
Code: DAS-4Ø278-9
Enlist™ Maize
Name: MON810
Code: MON-ØØ81Ø-6
YieldGard™, MaizeGard™
Name: MON863
Code: MON-ØØ863-5
YieldGard™ Rootworm RW, MaxGard™
Name: MON863 x MON810 x NK603
Code: MON-ØØ6Ø3-6 x MON-ØØ81Ø-6 x MON-ØØ863-5
YieldGard™ Plus with RR
Name: MON87427
Code: MON-87427-7
Roundup Ready™ Maize
Name: MON87460
Code: MON-8746Ø-4
Genuity® DroughtGard™
Name: MON88017
Code: MON-88Ø17-3
YieldGard™ VT™ Rootworm™ RR2
Name: MON89034
Code: MON-89Ø34-3
YieldGard™ VT Pro™
Name: MON89034 x NK603
Code: MON-89Ø34-3 x MON-ØØ6Ø3-6
Genuity® VT Double Pro™
Name: NK603
Code: MON-ØØ6Ø3-6
Roundup Ready™ 2 Maize
Name: T25
Code: ACS-ZMØØ3-2
Liberty Link™ Maize
Name: TC1507
Code: DAS-Ø15Ø7-1
Herculex™ I, Herculex™ CB
Soybean - Glycine max L. :
Name: A2704-12
Code: ACS-GMØØ5-3
Liberty Link® soybean
Name: A5547-127
Code: ACS-GMØØ6-4
Liberty Link® soybean
Name: DP356043
Code: DP-356Ø43-5
Optimum GAT™
Name: FG72 (FGØ72-2, FGØ72-3)
Code: MST-FGØ72-2
not available
Name: FG72 x A5547-127
Code: MST-FGØ72-2 x ACS-GMØØ6-4
Liberty Link® GT27™
Name: GTS 40-3-2 (40-3-2)
Code: MON-Ø4Ø32-6
Roundup Ready™ soybean
Name: MON87701
Code: MON-877Ø1-2
not available
Name: MON87705
Code: MON-877Ø5-6
Vistive Gold™
Name: MON87708
Code: MON-877Ø8-9
Genuity® Roundup Ready™ 2 Xtend™
Name: MON87769
Code: MON-87769-7
not available
Name: MON89788
Code: MON-89788-1
Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield™
Wheat - Triticum aestivum :
Name: HB4 Wheat
Code: IND-ØØ412-7
HB4 Wheat