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Now Available: Pocket K on Rust-resistant Wheat

By Kristine Grace N. Tome
September 30, 2021

ISAAA released the latest addition to its Pocket K series, entitled Rust-resistant Wheat.

Wheat provides about 20% of calories and protein for human nutrition globally. Similar to other food crops, wheat is affected by destructive diseases including wheat rusts. Stem rust alone can cause global losses amounting to approximately US$1.12 billion annually. 

The 2Blades Foundation and a consortium of global partners including CIMMYT, CSIRO, and the University of Minnesota, have successfully developed stem rust-resistant wheat lines by stacking five resistance genes. This is the highest number of resistance genes and the largest inserts to be introduced into crops using biotechnology to date. This strategy facilitates the development of more lines with optimum resistance against wheat rust diseases.

To know more, download Pocket K No. 60 Rust-resistant Wheat from the ISAAA website. This Pocket K was developed with The 2Blades Foundation.

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