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How Biotech is Affecting The Field of Telehealth

April 6, 2022

Biotechnology, at its core, is defined as using “living organisms and molecular biology to produce healthcare-related products.” Since the 1990s, this field of science has had many advancements and is a booming industry. It is most known for its role in the medical and pharmaceutical fields but it is also used in other sectors such as agriculture. Another area where biotechnology is making a significant difference is telehealth.

What is telehealth

Telehealth is the use of current technology and digital mediums to administer numerous healthcare practices such as consultations with physicians. Though this alternative has been around for decades, it has recently gained popularity amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. With people being restricted from leaving their homes and being wary of contracting the virus, telehealth presented as a different option and convenient alternative for many.

Patients can also get personalized care that is catered specifically for them as each worker does not have to care for as many patrons as mainstream professionals. Another key advantage for patients is that remote doctors and nurses are just as capable as traditional ones. As illustrated by nurse practitioners utilizing telehealth, they have the same qualifications that traditional experts have. Their relevant education, experience, and certifications mean that the quality of care is up to the current standards. What's more, telehealth practitioners are required to go through additional training to ensure that they're using technology efficiently, which can make them more capable in some ways. With telehealth making use of modern technology, it's clear that biotech has had its role in furthering this medical industry as well.

How biotech is changing the industry

It makes preventive care easier

Biotech heavily concerns itself with the genetic codes of different species, including humans. In the telehealth field, biotech has made preventive care easier and more efficient. Clients can have their genetic code analyzed to see if they are susceptible to different hereditary diseases like diabetes and cardiomyopathy. This data will help telehealth providers gain better insights into their clients, whom they can’t physically examine, so they can give more accurate and insightful advice for preventive care.

It makes treatment more accessible

For individuals who are already suffering from different ailments and conditions, biotech has made treatments more accessible. For example, there would be no vaccine for Covid-19 without the current developments found in the field today. Those with chronic illnesses would not have experimental drugs they can take to alleviate or cure their conditions. This makes finding effective and personalized avenues of treatment easier for telehealth professionals as they can now present clients with different methods that may work for them. This not only makes curing and managing conditions more convenient but also gives patients more freedom and liberty to choose how they want to proceed with their healthcare.

It changes the future of healthcare

With how biotech is already helping the medical field, there’s no doubt that it will continue to change healthcare for the better. For the telehealth industry, clients will no longer need to go to hospitals to get check-ups done. In the future, there may even be diagnostic tools readily available to the public which can be used to send laboratory results straight from the patient to the healthcare professional. This can completely change the medical field for the better and make it more accessible for more people.

Biotech is truly making a difference in society today. Without it, many developments and advancements in all aspects of life would not exist– telehealth is no exception.

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