Global Network to Do Research on Plant Biology 
Small Holder Farmers Benefit from Second Phase of Tropical Legumes Project 
Call for Nominations to Agriculture Award to Honor Young Field Researchers 

Ghana's Biosafety Law Receives Presidential Assent 
Project on Under-Studied Crops in Eastern and Central Africa 

Scientists Reveal Origin of Photosynthesis 
Bayer and Texas AgriLife Research to Work on Improved Wheat Varieties 
USDA Extends Comment Period for Corn Genetically Engineered for Herbicide Tolerance 
Wheat Research in Canada Given Government Funds 
BREAD Grant Funds Research to Tackle Plant Viral Diseases 
Weeds and Diseases Stress Sweet Corn Growth 
Western Great Plains Growers Gearing Up To Plant Monsanto's New DroughtGardTM 

Asia and the Pacific
Frost Nurseries Identify Tolerant Grain Varieties 
Philippine Local Government Officials Participate in Biotech Seminar 
Pakistan Exposition Highlights Need for Advanced Scientific Research 
Pakistani Farmers Seek Government Approval for GM Corn 

EFSA Releases Opinion on Safety Assessment of GM Plants Developed Through Cisgenesis and Intragenesis 
GM Soybean MON 87701 x MON89788 Safe for EU Import and Processing 
Spelman: GM Rice as Tool for Food Security 
EU Chief Scientific Adviser Sees Need to Tackle Global Food Issues with Biotech 

Nutritional Analysis of GM Rice Varieties in Korea 
Altering Respiratory Activity in GM Tobacco Using mDNA Fragments 
OSOTP 51 Mutation in Rice Leads to Impairment of PSI Complex 

16th International Symposium of the International Society of Tropical Root Crops 

Document Reminders
Crop Post-Harvest Science and Technology: Perishables 

Western Great Plains Growers Gearing Up To Plant Monsanto's New DroughtGardTM

On farm trials of Monsanto's DroughtGard™ Hybrids will commence this spring in the Western Great Plains of the United States. The approval of this trial was issued to Monsanto following the December 2011 USDA deregulation of the drought trait.

DroughtGard Hybrids belong to the Genuity® corn family that contains drought-tolerant characteristics with agronomic recommendations. For the spring 2012 trials, Monsanto plans to have Genuity® VT Triple PRO®, Genuity® VT Double PRO® and Roundup Ready® Corn 2 technologies to serve as the agronomic trait platforms for DroughtGard Hybrids.

 "DroughtGard Hybrids have shown strong performance in our trials and demonstrated an advantage over competitor products," said Mark Edge, DroughtGard Hybrids marketing lead. "Our on-farm trials this season are focused on giving farmers a chance to see the performance of these hybrids and to give us feedback to help us make commercial decisions."

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