Coexistence is not Only Possible, but Necessary

The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) recognized the increasing concerns on coexistence among different agricultural technologies. To address this, three resources were developed that include a paper on ‘Existing U.S Seed Industry Production Practices that Address Coexistence', ASTA's principles about the practice of coexistence in the seed industry, and a Guide to Seed Quality Management.

"Pulling together these resources has been a priority for ASTA during the past year," says Andy LaVigne, ASTA president and chief executive officer. "The seed industry has been practicing coexistence for many years and with the changing agricultural landscape, the necessity for cooperation between producers of varying production methods within close proximity continues to rise." Further, she added that, "It is important that agriculture community understands that there are mechanisms being used to help foster coexistence, helping each farmer – no matter the production method – get the most value out of their chosen crop."

The materials are available for download  at Details on the news can be viewed at


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