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Crop Biotech Update

20 Years of Research Proves that Biotech Crops Functioned as Expected

March 6, 2013

A review of 20 years of research on compositional equivalence of biotech crops and traditionally-bred crops concluded that suspected unintended compositional effects that can be caused by genetic modification did not materialize.

The report published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry indicated that all transgenic events evaluated by the US FDA were substantially equivalent to their conventional counterparts, as well as all the transgenic events evaluated by Japanese regulators. The studies covered in the review included those that dealt on a wide array of GM crops (corn, soybean, cotton, canola, wheat, potato, alfalfa, rice, papaya, tomato, cabbage, pepper, raspberry) and traits (herbicide tolerance, insect resistance, virus resistance, drought tolerance, cold tolerance, nutrient enhancement, and expression of protease inhibitors.)

The review was conducted by William Price, a retired researcher from US FDA and Rod Herman, a scientist at Dow AgroSciences. Read the paper at