Can gene drive eliminate vector-borne diseases?

The potential uses and impacts of gene drive technologies are a topic of growing interest at the international and national level in many countries. The Gene Drive Webinar Series aims to help promote a productive and balanced conversation on the benefits and risks of possible gene drive applications, providing factual and accurate information that can help place the discussion under the Convention on Biological Diversity in context.

On the third webinar of the series, experts walk you through:

  • status of vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue in Africa and Asia
  • gene drive application to limit the spread of vector-borne diseases
  • usefulness and limitations of gene drive approaches in vector-borne diseases control

The webinar is hosted by the ISAAA SEAsiaCenter and co-organized with the Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research and the ISAAA Biotechnology Information Centers. Registration to the webinar is free and open to all.


Prof. Eng Eong Ooi
Professor, Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases
Duke-NUS Medical School

Dr. Chun Hong Chen
Associate Investigator, Institute of Infectious Disease and Vaccinology
National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan

Dr. Maria Vittoria Mancini
Vector Biologist
Polo d'Innovazione di Genomica, Genetica e Biologia (Polo GGB)


Dr. Sheetal Silal
Director, Modelling and Simulation Hub, Africa (MASHA)
University of Cape Town