Crop Biotechnology Information Resources

We do not want biotechnology to be boring, so aside from our latest publications, we also included videos for you to watch, and games for you to play. The following resources will definitely encourage you to be interactive and proactive as you discover more about biotechnology.


Need help with your facts and figures? We have a broad range of publications - from brochures and booklets, to reports and case studies - which will be useful not only to researchers but also to those who are simply interested in biotechnology. Read our PocketKs, case studies, briefs, Did You Know booklet, and more for your much-needed information.


Educational Materials

Play interactive games to test your knowledge of biotech facts, view presentations and learn more...


Biotech Crops Backgrounders

Read more on genetically modified (GM) crops and their special characteristics which set them apart from their traditional counterparts.

Watch as this section continues to grow with more facts about biotech crops!


Acronyms & Glossary of Biotechnology

Decipher acronyms associated with biotechnology, the several agencies involved, the various methods and more. Access hundreds of terms used in the field of biotechnology with this reference guide.


Biotech Information Document Repository

Access our collection of earlier publications, a rich source of biotech information for researchers, the media, and the public.