ISAAA Editorial Policy

The publications and website of the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) are guided by an international Board of Directors that provides the overall editorial policy framework. ISAAA is committed to presenting accurate and science-based information. As such, every effort is done to cite authoritative sources of information and provide links to original and or supplementary publications. Publications are subjected to peer review from experts and scientists in specific fields of specialization. In cases where expediency of time is of the essence, ISAAA’s extensive biotechnology information network in the developing world will double check country-specific information. Choice of articles is dependent on the credibility of source and supporting facts as well as immediacy of the issues involved.

ISAAA does not play an advocacy role, hence articles do not espouse a specific ideology or stakeholder viewpoint. Instead, it presents an array of information whose source and data can be verified and reviewed. Immediate rectification will be done to errors of fact or omissions that are bought to our attention.

What ISAAA chooses to publish in either electronic and or print formats remains to be a judgment call, and ISAAA ultimately assumes responsibility for content and style. Materials produced by ISAAA unless otherwise stated are made freely available for use as instructional and informational materials provided that proper citations are made.