Crop Biotech Update

OsNramp4 Involved in Cadmium Accumulation in Rice Grains

December 7, 2022

Researchers from the Hunan University of Arts and Science and Hunan Normal University in China reported that OsNramp4 aluminum transporter is involved in cadmium accumulation in rice grains. Their findings are published in the Reproduction and Breeding journal.

Cadmium toxicity impacts several crops. Members of the OsNramp (Natural resistance-associated macrophage protein) gene family are vital in transporting specific cations in rice. To explore the role of OsNramp4 in cadmium ion transport, the researchers used CRISPR-Cas9 and generated OsNramp4 knockout lines.

The results showed that the net cadmium ion flux was significantly lower than the wild-type. The loss-of-function OsNramp4 mutation reduced root cell sap cadmium ion content, resulting in substantially lower cadmium concentrations in shoots and grains.

Read more findings in Reproduction and Breeding.

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