Biotech Updates

CSIRO, Lonza Partnership Promotes New Insect Silk Products Globally

April 20, 2012

To bring new insect silk products to the global market, Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and global supplier to life-science industries Lonza enter a joint development agreement. The agreement seeks to promote insect silks to a wider market that involves medical and industrial applications.

Insect silk, known for the material's strength and toughness, has potential applications such as composite fibers for aviation and marine industries, wound repair, and human tissue replacement. Consequently, Lonza offers its expertise in biotechnology and life-science products and services. As of the moment, the company has started to provide processes for the development of recombinant bee silk protein.

CSIRO Business Development Commercialization General Manager Cameron Begley said that they have identified a broad range of insect silks which is up for sustainable production. Furthermore, he said that they have also found ways of how to convert bee silk into various forms such as micro-particles, sponges, and spun fibers which could lead to knitted and woven fabric.