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EU Parliament Calls for Gender Parity in Science

May 30, 2008

Women should now be given comparable opportunities, benefits, and privileges in their scientific professions, says a report to the European Parliament. The report authored by a member of the Danish European Parliament Britta Thomsen revealed that in the European Union (EU), female researchers are a minority, fewer women are in the scientific career ladder, and men are three times more likely than women to obtain professorships and equivalent posts.

The report which will be adopted by the EU Parliament proposed among others the call for the European Commission and Member States to introduce more transparent recruitment processes and ensure gender balance in evaluation panels, selection and other committees, as well as nominated panels and committees. In addition, legislative measures should be considered in increasing the age limit to obtain grants, and universities, research institutes and private businesses should also adopt and enforce equality strategies in their organizations and conduct gender impact evaluation in their decision-making processes.

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