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Crop Biotech Update

World's First Transgenic Phytase Corn

March 7, 2008

Origin Agritech limited, a China-based crop seeds and agri-biotech company, announced that it has licensed the world’s first phytase corn. The transgenic corn is the product of a seven-year study by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Phytase is used as an additive in animal feed to degrade phytic acid, the storage form of phosphorus. Phytase can increase phosphorus absorption in animals by as much as 60 percent. With the transgenic crop, there is no need to purchase phytase and corn separately. The use of phytase corn should also reduce phosphate pollution caused by animal waste and excessive fertilizer use.

The worldwide potential phytase market is estimated at US$500 million, including some US $200 million from China alone. Addition of phytase to animal feed is mandatory in the European Union, Southeast Asia, Japan and Taiwan. Origin’s GM phytase corn is expected to be commercially launched in 2009.

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