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Scientists Grow Meat Inside Rice Grains

February 21, 2024

Photo from Yonsei University courtesy of

Scientists from Yonsei University developed cultured beef rice, rice grains with animal muscle and fat cells inside. The findings of their study published in Matter show that cultured beef rice has 8% more protein and 7% more fat than regular rice.

Animals need biological scaffolds to grow tissues and organs. The researchers used rice grains as a solid scaffold to house animal-derived cells. After coating the rice grains with fish gelatin, cow muscle and fat stem cells were seeded into the rice and allowed to grow in a petri dish from nine to 11 days.

According to the team, cultured beef rice could significantly reduce its carbon footprint at a cheaper price once commercialized. Sohyeon Park, the first author of the study, says, “Now I see a world of possibilities for this grain-based hybrid food. It could one day serve as food relief for famine, military ration, or even space food."

For more information, read the article from Cell.

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