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Halo-Alkaliphilic Microbes Reduce Heavy Metal Pollution in Extreme Environments

November 22, 2023

Researchers reviewed the potential of specialized microbes to remove heavy metals in extreme environments. These specialized microbes are described to be halo-alkaliphilic because they thrive in environments with high salinity and pH. The review also presented the role of microbes in industrial wastewater treatment and metal recovery from waste.

It is difficult to remove heavy metals from environments with elevated pH and salt concentrations. Extremophiles or specialized microbes are seen as potential bioremediating agents because they can thrive in extreme conditions and are capable of remediating heavy metals in these environments.

In the review, the researchers presented existing studies about halo-alkaliphilic microbes and their effectiveness in removing contaminants in highly alkaline saline environments. They also highlighted the major challenges and provided suggestions for the effective applicability of extremophiles for heavy metals reduction in extreme conditions.

For more information, read the journal article on Springer.

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