Biotech Updates

COGEM Concludes Negligible Environmental Risk of GM Soybean

September 12, 2018

The Netherlands Genetic Modification Commission (COGEM) was asked to give an advice regarding the possible environmental risks of the importing and processing of GM soybean (MON87751xMON87701x MON87708xMON89788), which expresses insect resistance and herbicide tolerance traits.

Based on the molecular characterization of the GM soybean, the biotech crop meets the requirements of COGEM. "There are no reasons to assume that expression of the inserted genes causes this GM soybean to become wild… COGEM considers the environmental risks of the import and processing of the GM soybean MON87751xMON87701xMON87708xMON89788 negligible," as stated in the opinion of COGEM.

It was also stressed that because a food safety assessment was already done by other bodies, COGEM did not need to evaluate the risks of incidental consumption in the license application.

Read the published opinion of COGEM in Dutch.