Biotech Updates

The GMO Revolution

December 2, 2015

VIB announces the publication of the book The GMO Revolution with Belgian scientists offering insights  into how GM crops can be useful in solving the current and future issues facing agriculture. The book focuses on what is in there for the environment, the farmer and the consumer rather than on how recombinant DNA technology works. The GMO revolution gives a facts-based and nuanced overview of the impact of current and future GM applications and introduces the reader with a plethora of different crops: from potato to brinjal, from rice to corn, from eucalyptus to cotton, from banana to papaya.

The GMO Revolution is a highly accessible and easy to read book and is a must for anyone who wants to know more about GM crops and the opportunities that plant biotechnology can offer. The book can be ordered online through, through the online shop of Lannoo Campus or through Amazon (from December 15th onwards).