Biotech Updates

US FDA Issues Safety Clearance for Innate Potatoes and Arctic Apples

March 25, 2015

US Food and Drug Administration completed the evaluation for Arctic apples and Innate potatoes. The FDA concluded that the biotech foods are as safe and nutritious as conventional varieties.

Arctic apples are genetically engineered to resist browning caused by cuts and bruises through reducing the amount of enzymes that cause browning.

Innate potato, developed by J.R. Simplot Company, has more benefits than the conventional potato varieties such as less black spot bruising, less post-harvest food waste and more convenience. The biotech potatoes were also engineered to reduce production of acrylamide, which has been found to be carcinogenic to rodents.

According to the news release, FDA has no additional food safety questions concerning the biotech food products.

Read FDA's news release for more details.