Biotech Updates

New Resource Shows Half of Biotech Crops Research is Independent

August 27, 2014

Biology Fortified, Inc. (Biofortified), a non-profit organization devoted to provide factual information and fostering discussion about issues in biology, launched a new project the Genetic Engineering Risk Atlas (GENERA). GENERA is a searchable database of peer-reviewed research on the relative risks of biotech crops. GENERA's website ( is currently available for public beta test, containing 400 out of over 1,200 studies on biotech crops.

Genetic Literacy Project (GLP), another source of information about genetics and biotechnology from plants and human, developed an infographic based on preliminary data available at GENERA. The infographics focused on answering the following questions: Where is the government-funded research happening? Are GMOs safe?

Results showed that out of the initial 400 randomly-selected studies posted in GENERA, half are funded entirely by government agencies and independent nonprofit organizations. The government-funded research was evident at the global scale, present in different regions of the world. This information debunks the common perception that GM crops are developed in private, U.S.-based laboratories.

For more details, read Download GLP's infographics at