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NH Lawmakers Explain Why They Voted Against Biotech Labeling Bill

January 22, 2014

Members of the New Hampshire (NH) Environment and Agriculture Committee namely Rep. Tara Sad and Rep. Bob Haefner explained why they voted against House Bill 660, which requires labeling of biotech foods. According to them, no credible scientific study has shown that there is any material difference between biotech and non-biotech food, particularly in nutritional value and health safety. Thus, when foods containing biotech products would be labelled, it will mislead consumers by falsely implying differences where none actually exist.

Legal experts have also said that the bill is unconstitutional because requiring food companies to label their products with no health or safety reason fails the state interest test, undermines commercial free speech and violates interstate commerce. Furthermore, Sad and Haefner stressed that product labeling is a federal responsibility, and not a state responsibility. The Food and Drug Administration identifies which information needs to be available on food labels, not to satisfy consumer curiosity, but for health and safety reasons. The FDA and other trusted scientific organizations have all come out in support of biotech foods, stating that foods made with this process are as healthy and nutritious as their conventional counterparts.

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