Biotech Updates

Impact of Global Rice Research Presented

January 8, 2014

The Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP) has been steadily delivering significant results since its launch in December 2010 according to the CGIAR (Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers). According to the consortium's report, Southeast Asian rice farmers are already harvesting an additional US$1.46 billion worth of rice a year as a result of global rice breeding and innovations that help them manage their crops better. In the same region, there is a demonstrated 25-43% return on investment upon delivery of improved rice management technologies.

Moreover, farmers are becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change by growing drought-, flood-, heat-, and salt-tolerant rice varieties. For example, in South Asia alone, more than 4 million farmers are already using flood-tolerant varieties. And, recently published research suggests that those who suffer most from societal neglect and climate change are benefiting from this technology.

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