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Philippine DA Allows Field Trials of GM Crops

November 6, 2013

Philippine Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said that the government does not see any problem in allowing field trials of GM crops during a press briefing. "There's a program on Bt eggplant and Golden Rice that scientists study. For as long as testing is within contained environment, it's not right for us to stop it...At the end of the day, if we don't give them a chance to prove it, we're stopping development for the future. If we didn't allow scientists to produce Diatabs (Loperamide hydrochloride), it's like saying we should only use charcoal (to cure diarrhea)," said Alcala.

Alcala also mentioned that there are farmers in various parts of the country that are open to adopting GM crops. Thus, the government gives importance to their decision because it is the farmers' call whether to adopt or not. Innovative technologies such as genetic modification have the potential to solve serious problems such as malnutrition, poverty, and hunger.

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