Gene: aad-12

Gene Source: Delftia acidovorans
Product: aryloxyalkanoate di-oxygenase 12 (AAD-12) protein
Function: catalyzes the side chain degradation of 2,4-D herbicide

GM Trait: 2,4-D herbicide tolerance

Events with gene aad-12

Event Name and Code Trade Name
Cotton - Gossypium hirsutum L. :
Name: 281-24-236 x 3006-210-23 x COT102 x 81910
Code: DAS-24236-5 x DAS-21Ø23-5 x SYN-IR1Ø2-7 x DAS-81910-7
not available
Name: 3006-210-23 x 281-24-236 x MON88913 x COT102 x DAS81910
Code: DAS-21Ø23-5 x DAS-24236-5 x MON-88913-8 x SYN-IR1Ø2-7 x DAS-81910-7
not available
Name: 81910
Code: DAS-81910-7
not available
Soybean - Glycine max L. :
Name: DAS44406-6
Code: DAS-444Ø6-6
not available
Name: DAS68416-4
Code: DAS-68416-4
not available
Name: DAS68416-4 x MON89788
Code: DAS-68416-4 x MON-89788-1
not available
Name: DAS81419 x DAS44406
Code: DAS-81419-2 x DAS-444Ø6-6
Conkesta Enlist E3™ Soybean