Gene: gat4601

Gene Source: Bacillus licheniformis
Product: glyphosate N-acetyltransferase enzyme
Function: catalyzes the inactivation of glyphosate,conferring tolerance to glyphosate herbicides

GM Trait: Glyphosate herbicide tolerance

Events with gene gat4601

Event Name and Code Trade Name
Argentine Canola - Brassica napus :
Name: 73496 x RF3
Code: DP-Ø73496-4 x ACS-BNØØ3-6
not available
Soybean - Glycine max L. :
Name: DP356043
Code: DP-356Ø43-5
Optimum GAT™
Name: DP356043 x GTS 40-3-2
Code: DP-356Ø43-5 x MON-Ø4Ø32-6
not available