Gene: uidA

Gene Source: Escherichia coli
Product: beta-D-glucuronidase (GUS) enzyme
Function: produces blue stain on treated transformed tissue, which allows visual selection

GM Trait: Visual marker

Events with gene uidA

Event Name and Code Trade Name
Cotton - Gossypium hirsutum L. :
Name: COT102 x MON15985
Code: SYN-IR1Ø2-7 x MON-15985-7
Bollgard® III
Name: COT102 x MON15985 x MON88913
Code: SYN-IR1Ø2-7 x MON-15985-7 x MON-88913-8
Bollgard® III x Roundup Ready™ Flex™
Name: COT102 x MON15985 x MON88913 x MON88701
Code: SYN-IR1Ø2-7 x MON-15985-7 x MON-88913-8 x MON 887Ø1-3
Name: GFM Cry1A
Code: GTL-GFM311-7
not available
Name: GHB614 x LLCotton25 x MON15985
Code: BCS-GHØØ2-5 x ACS-GHØØ1-3 x MON-15985-7
not available
Name: LLCotton25 x MON15985
Code: ACS-GHØØ1-3 x MON-15985-7
Fibermax™ Liberty Link™ Bollgard II™
Name: MON15985
Code: MON-15985-7
Bollgard II™ Cotton
Name: MON15985 x MON1445
Code: MON-15985-7 x MON-Ø1445-2
Roundup Ready™ Bollgard II™ Cotton
Name: MON88701 x MON88913 x MON15985
Code: MON 887Ø1-3 x MON-88913-8 x MON-15985-7
not available
Name: MON88913 x MON15985
Code: MON-88913-8 x MON-15985-7
Roundup Ready™ Flex™ Bollgard II™ Cotton
Papaya - Carica papaya :
Name: 55-1
Code: CUH-CP551-8
Rainbow, SunUp
Name: 63-1
Code: CUH-CP631-7
not available
Petunia - Petunia hybrida :
Name: Petunia-CHS
Code: not available
not available
Plum - Prunus domestica :
Name: C-5
Code: ARS-PLMC5-6
not available
Soybean - Glycine max L. :
Name: 260-05 (G94-1, G94-19, G168)
Code: DD-Ø26ØØ5-3
not available
Sugar Beet - Beta vulgaris :
Name: GTSB77 (T9100152)
Code: SY-GTSB77-8
InVigor™ sugarbeet