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Crop Rice
Commercial Trait Any
Developer Any
Country Any
Type of Approval Any


Event Name and Code Trade Name
Rice - Oryza sativa L. :
Name: GM Shanyou 63
Code: not available
BT Shanyou 63
Name: GR2E
Code: IR-00GR2E-5
Golden Rice
Name: Huahui-1/TT51-1
Code: HZU-HHØØ1-9
Name: LLRICE06
Code: ACS-OSØØ1-4
Liberty Link™ rice
Name: LLRICE601
Code: BCS-OSØØ3-7
Liberty Link™ rice
Name: LLRICE62
Code: ACS-OSØØ2-5
Liberty Link™ rice
Name: Tarom molaii + cry1Ab
Code: BGH-ØØ827-7
not available