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ISAAA Offers Asian Short Course on Agri-biotech, Biosafety Regulation, and Communication 

By Kristine Grace N. Tome
November 4, 2020

ISAAA invites you to the 3rd Asian Short Course on Agribiotechnology, Biosafety Regulation, and Communication (ASCA 2020) which will be hosted by ISAAA SEAsiaCenter via Zoom on November 23-26, 2020 at 2:00-5:00PM (GMT+8).

This short course is designed to:

  • enable participants to better understand the entire value chain related to research, development, commercialization, and trade of LMOs;
  • national and international legal instruments related to LMOs;
  • effective communication of agribiotechnology and biosafety regulation; and
  • communicating agribiotechnology to social media

Nineteen international experts from various fields of biotechnology, biosafety regulations, economics, and science communication will serve as resource speakers and facilitators. The participant fee of US$150 (plus transfer fee) covers access to the workshop and training kit. Register now.

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