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ISAAA Launches Open-Access Bt Eggplant Resource Page

By Frederic Carl B. Sambrano
January 20, 2021

To help raise awareness and share information on Bt eggplant, ISAAA launched the Bt Eggplant Resource page. It contains a compilation of Articles from peer-reviewed journals, Crop Biotech Update articles, blogs, videos, infographics, and Bt eggplant event details. The page is open for public access.

Bt Eggplant Resource Page

Bt eggplant can reduce pesticide use by 77% and has increased marketability of fruits by 116% against the conventional hybrids. Bt eggplant contains Cry1AC gene producing insecticidal protein granting resistance to FSB. When this gene is ingested by the FSB larvae, Bt protein is activated in the insect’s alkaline gut and absorbs in the gut wall allowing the Bt spores to infect the insect’s body cavity. The FSB larvae then die a few days later. This technology is safe for humans, animals, and non-target insects and arthropods because they do not have the capability to break down this protein.

For more information about the development of Bt eggplant in the Philippines, visit the Bt Eggplant Resource page now.

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