Agricultural Biotechnology Playing Bigger Role In Food Output 
Scientists Report Growing Threat of Wheat Rust in Vulnerable Nations Worldwide 

Network of Seed Testing Labs in Africa 
Yield Gaps in West and Central Africa 
Nigerian Scientists Wait for Biosafety Bill Approval 

Scientists Discover Complex G-protein Network in Plants 
Celeres Releases Socio-Environmental Benefits Report of Crop Biotech in Brazil 
ISU Researchers Study Plant Stress 
New Technique Improves Sensitivity of PCR Pathogen Detection 

Asia and the Pacific
'Petri Dish' Now Available Online 
India's Scientific Panel Favors Limited Release of Bt Brinjal 
First GM Chickpea in the Pipeline 
Pakistan and China to Set Up Agricultural Research Centers 
Agriculture Awareness Campaign In Pakistan 
Agri Mela: Teaching Farmers about Latest Agriculture Technologies 

Socio-Economics Report of GMO Cultivation in Europe 
EFSA Consultation on Draft Scientific Opinion on PMEM 
EC-JRC Notification on GM Sugar Beet for Glyphosate Formulation Studies 

Transgenic Barley with Early Flowering Gene from Arabidopsis 
Determination of Cry1Ab in Soils Used for Bt Maize Field Trials 
Overexpression of OsRDCP1 Exhibit Drought Stress Tolerance in Rice 

ICGEB Call for Masters Felllowships in GM Risk Assessment 
Stakeholder's Interface on GM Food Crops 
Conference on Agricultural R&D in Africa 

Document Reminders
Browse ISAAA GM Approval Database by Country 

ICGEB Call for Masters Felllowships in GM Risk Assessment

The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) is offering five biosafety fellowships for one-year Masters Fellowships in GM Crop Risk Assessment (Managing the Environment). The fellowships are geared to strengthen the ability of developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa to address biosafety issues in modern biotechnology.

The course will be offered by the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth University, UK starting September 26, 2011.

Fellowship application forms can be downloaded from


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