The Greening of the Olympic Games 
Community Watershed Projects to Conquer Drought 
Agric Investments Can Help Mitigate Climate Change, Decrease Rural Poverty 

Biotech Carrot with More Calcium 
Scientists Identify Key to Pathogen Protein Entry into Cells 
Haitian Farmers Receive Much-Needed Seeds and Tools 
EPA Exempts Bt Vip3Aa Protein from Tolerance Requirement 
NY Scientists Studying Agrobacterium to Further Improve Crops 
USDA Issues Protection Certificates to 21 New Plant Varieties 
DuPont, Hexima Partner to Develop Fungi Resistant Crops 

Asia and the Pacific
Thailand Prepares National Biosafety Framework 
Biofuel Development in Vietnam – A Possibility 
New Vietnamese Website for Farmers 
PetroVietnam Sets up Biofuel Affiliate Company 
Seed Association for Central Asia 

Climate Change Causes Aphid Population Boom 

Effector-based Identification of Late Blight Resistance Gene in Potato 
Bt Maize has No Effect on Plant Bug Fitness 
Tumor Targeting Antibody from Transgenic Rice Cell Culture 
Mimicry of Pathogen Attack to Increase Secondary Metabolite Accumulation 

Conference on the Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture 
International Conference on Plant Virology 
International Microbial Biotechnology Conference in Jakarta 
Egypt - 1st National BCH Workshop 
African Biosafety Network Meeting 

Document Reminders
Environment Atlas from UNEP 

Environment Atlas from UNEP

Obtain a free CD on “Africa – Atlas of Our Changing Environment”, available in both English and French. The publication developed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) highlights stories of environmental change at 104 locations across Africa. It contains satellite images, ground photographs and maps along with information graphs and charts. A copy may be obtained from UNEP's Arshia Chander at  It can also be downloaded from recently released atlases in the series include: One Planet, Many People: Atlas of Our Changing Environment, and Africa’s Lakes: Atlas of Our Changing Environment..


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