Crop Biotech Update

Chinese Scientists Release Draft Genome Sequence of Adzuki Bean

October 14, 2015

Chinese scientists have completed sequencing the genome of adzuki bean, a legume crop known for its high starch (57.06%) and low fat (0.59%) content relative to soybean and other legumes. "The genome sequence of adzuki bean will facilitate the identification of agronomically important genes and accelerate the improvement of adzuki bean," said Professor Wan Ping from the Chinese Academy of Sciences who led the research team.

A total of 34,183 protein-coding genes were predicted, and functional analysis revealed that significant differences in starch and fat content between adzuki bean and soybean were likely due to transcriptional level, rather than copy number variations of the genes related to starch and oil synthesis.

Adzuki bean, referred to as "weight loss bean" for its low caloric and fat content, was domesticated in China 12,000 years ago, but is now grown in more than 30 countries, and used in a variety of food products.

For more information, read the news release at the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture website.